A celebration event to mark Voicing the Void's Restore Project.

A celebration event to mark Voicing the Void's Restore Project took place in the MAC on Thursday 25 May.

A new restorative project that gives victims and survivors a platform to share their experiences has been delivered by Voicing the Void in partnership with the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and Quaker Service.

Facilitated by Voicing the Void, the project aims to amplify the voices of victims and survivors of serious crime through storytelling.

PBNI Assistant Director Aideen McLaughlin said: “PBNI works directly with victims of crime who have registered with the Victims Information Scheme. Our Victims Unit can also facilitate restorative interventions at the request of the victim and in appropriate circumstances. We know from feedback from victims and survivors that they sometimes feel forgotten and unheard throughout the criminal justice process. Our staff are mindful of this and wanted to look at ways to ensure that victims could tell their story and share their experience in a safe and appropriate way. We therefore applied for funding for the ‘restore project’ which gives victims and survivors an opportunity to make their voice heard. Indeed it has provided a unique opportunity for people to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings around the impact these crimes have had on them. We hope that by sharing their experiences those who participated will feel listened to and supported.”

Chief Executive of Quaker Service, Shane Whelehan said: “We are thankful to have partnered with PBNI and Voicing the Void on this project. Storytelling is important in witness, in peace witness, and in preserving important parts of our lives, in establishing and re-establishing our identities. It is important to enable people to find their voice and have it heard, and we hope this has been beneficial and restorative for those who shared their stories with us.”

Chief Executive of Voicing the Void Rory Doherty added: “Voicing the Void is proud to facilitate the Restore program. Restore aims to amplify the voices of victims and survivors of serious crime through storytelling. We sincerely believe listening to these stories will help society create a fairer and more just criminal justice system for all. Our Restore programme empowers, enables, and encourages participants to realise and share their own personal story. Storytelling can be a means for victims and survivors to reflect and process a difficult and traumatic time in their lives”.

Explore some of the stories that were part of the Restore project here.

This project was funded through monies received from the Victims of Crime Fund 2022-23.

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